Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture traces its origins back to China's semi-mythical Yellow Emperor (Huang Di), some 5000 years ago, in the form of the cannonical text Huang Di Nei Jing or Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic. Combining different theories which are also part of the Chinese martial arts, such as the 5 Elements and Yin & Yang, acupuncture has developed into a highly practical medical science, which has yet to be fully comprehended by mainstream Western allopathic medicine. Originally using implements such as smooth stones, obsidian slivers, and other such naturally occuring tools, the ancient Chinese found that stimulation of certain points on the surface of the body at certain depths also had therapeutic effects on the internal organs. Through time, the implements changed to several different types of disposable stainless steel needles (varying in length, gauge, and arrangement), which are used in modern acupuncture practice and in keeping with modern health and safety standards. Acupuncture also includes moxibustion (the application of smouldering mugwort to specific acupoints) and cupping (the use of suction cups to change the energetic Qi flow at certain points or along meridian lines).

Several Western theories abound today as to the mechanism of acupuncture's effectiveness. One states that acupuncture merely creates a local endorphin release, which lessens local pain. Another states that acupuncture uses neural pathways to send negative feedback signals to the brain, thus changing the perception of pain. A third states that acupuncture uses metallic needles to access certain biomagnetic or bioelectric energies that are naturally present in all living organisms and changes the quality or direction of that bioelectric flow based on the insertion and manipulation of the needle.

Dr. Jae Man Kim earned his doctorate in acupuncture from the prestigious Beijing University of TCM under one of the protégés of the famed Dr. Yang Jia-san, who served as the personal physician to Deng Xiaoping and other high ranking mainland Chinese officials. Dr. Yang was considered one of the living treasures of China during his lifetime, and his disciples are among the most well respected teachers and clinicians in Chinese medical circles.

Acupuncture needles
Closeup of acupuncture needle inserted in patient

Open Wound
This patient had been paralyzed and presented with an open wound on the lateral edge of his right foot. It was unresponsive to antibiotic treatments presecribed by his MD.

Dr. Kim used only acupuncture to accelerate the healing of the wound, which appears markedly less swollen and discolored after a series of treatments.
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Cupping: Infection
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This patient presented with an obvious infection (resistant to extensive prior antibiotic treatment) along his lower left leg, which Dr. Kim treated with cupping to remove the toxins from the patient's system. Following our schedule of treatments, the discoloration & swelling resolved and the leg returned to normal appearance and functionality.

Cupping is also another treatment modality that is considered a part of acupunctural medicine. It involves the use of glass or high-impact plastic cups to create vacuum suction on the surface of a patient’s body for the purpose of removing a blockage in chi energy or stagnant blood, which may manifest as pain syndromes. Studies have shown that cupping treatments are also highly useful for treatments of “external diseases” such as the common cold.

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