Chi Kung Energy Treatments

Chi energy is one of the distinguishing factors of Chinese medical and martial theory. Unexplained by western medical science, Chi (also spelled as qi or ch’i) is the motive force that flows through all living things, giving them life.

There are 5 main functions to chi energy: (some examples of problems in those respective functions are listed in italics)
  1. Moving (pushing) – Kinetic energy to power the internal organs, muscles, etc.: Asthma, slow heart beat/irrhythmia, indigestion, chronic fatigue syndrome, “no energy” feeling
  2. Holding (lifting) – Urine, blood: Urinary incontinence, breakthrough bleeding (bloody noses, hemorrhoids, irregular menstrual cycle, irregular vaginal discharge)
  3. Transforming – Turning raw food into refined substances: Obesity, anorexia, bloating, diarrhea, malnutrition, muscular dystrophy or atrophy
  4. Warming: Cold hands & feet, constant feeling of coldness, infertility
  5. Protecting (immunity): Constantly catching colds & flus, allergies, injury prevention (in terms of martial arts)
Dr. Jae Man Kim is one of the few adepts at applying his chi energy to create a noticeable, rapid change in a patient’s status. Using only applied chi treatments, he has radically improved the conditions of patients with clinical depression, chronic fatigue syndromes, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and a host of other long standing ailments. This system of treatment is also a part of Orthodox Tui-Na, as handed down by Dr. Da-fang Yu and improved on by Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim’s hands (red/white contrast)

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This photo captures the dramatic difference in blood content and circulation brought on by Dr. Kim's Chi Kung. By focusing his intent and breathing, Dr. Kim is able to direct his vital energy, or Chi, into various parts of his own body and transmit it into his patients for therapeutic purposes.

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