Dr. Jae Man Kim

Dr. Jae Man Kim began his foray into traditional Chinese medicine through his study of Shaolin martial arts in his homeland of Korea. At a young age, he distinguished himself as a practitioner and an instructor, earning a teaching license from the Korean National Shippalgi Kung-Fu Association while barely in his twenties.

During his medical studies in the US, he was fortunate to meet and study under the late Dr. Da-fang Yu, China’s pre-eminent authority on Tui-Na. Over the course of several years of intense and devoted study, Dr. Kim grew closer to Dr. Yu and earned status as his disciple. Eventually, Dr. Kim would gradually assume his master’s teaching duties at the different Oriental medical institutions in the Los Angeles area, and he soon became known as the standard bearer for the next generation of Tui-Na physicians.

Dr. Kim has been honored with many different awards, positions, and notable achievements, among which are:
  • Professor, California Chinese Tui-Na Medical College
  • Professor (Tui-Na), Dongkook Royal University
  • Director (Tui-Na Department), Dongkook Royal University affiliate hospital
  • President, World Tui-Na Doctors Association
  • Ph.D. (acupuncture), Beijing University of TCM
  • Completion of advanced coursework at Zhejiang University of TCM
  • Main Lecturer, 1st Tui-Na Seminar, 1994 (Seoul, Pusan, Kwangju, & Taegu, S. Korea)
  • Featured, Who’s Who in California
  • Featured TV Guest, KBS, KTE, KATC
  • Published Author, Orthodox Tui-Na Treatment, and several newspaper articles

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