Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

Chinese medicine has made use of herbs and plants since the dawn of time. With the passing of each generation, a large body of knowledge about the medicinal properties of these individual herbs was formed. Taste, temperature, and target meridians were also properties that were ascribed to each herb. In time, Chinese herbal physicians would develop a complex system of herbal prescriptions that addressed the full gamut of human illnesses, from a runny nose to internal bleeding to a broken bone. The different forms of these preparations were called "gao wan dan san tang" - plasters/ointments, pills, capsules, powders, and decoctions (herbal teas).

In the modern era, herbal medicine has begun to receive much more serious attention due to the extensive side effects that have been occurring with western pharmaceuticals. Chinese herbs can be safely used to treat a wide variety of western diagnosed ailments, yet they lack the serious side effects that are associated with western drugs because of the all-natural nature of our herbal medicine.

Traditionally formulated Chinese herbs also warrant special attention in contrast to the rapid proliferation of other herbal products (such as ginseng roots, St. Johnís Wort, etc.) that are available at almost any grocery store or health food store. There are also certain medicinal herbs (such as ma huang Ė herba ephedra) that bear traditional contraindications which the western world has not paid adequate attention to. Tragic consequences have resulted with growing frequency as supplement companies continue flooding the market with formulations that are not made along the traditional Chinese guidelines. As a result, some lawmakers are considering an all-out ban on the use of ephedra products. Thus, the public is forced to bear the burden and punishment for the stupidity and greed of the few.

Dr. Jae Man Kim is an expert at both Chinese and Korean style herbalism, fully versed in the safest and most effective use of each herb in his pharmacopeia and their combinations. His prescriptions have been highly effective in treating some very difficult cases, including alopecia/hair loss (see the pictures below), infertility, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Each of his herbal tea formulas uses only the highest quality herbs, which he personally selects for freshness and maximum potency. Those herbs are then brewed and vacuum-sealed in plastic for convenient individual doses. Our preparation process extracts the maximum amount of active ingredient from each of the herbs, while doing away with the mess and inconvenience of cleaning, cooking, and brewing the raw herbs at your own home. In addition, these herbal formulas maximize effectiveness and safety, minimize unpleasant side effects, and generally cost far less that the majority of conventional prescription medicines.

Han yak & Po yak
Hairloss (Alopecia)
This man presented with premature hair loss - a textbook case of male pattern baldness.

Following a course of Dr. Kim's herbal medicine for hair growth and with Tui-Na & acupuncture treatments to increase circulation to the head, there is obvious regrowth of the patient's hair in the previously balding area.
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